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… and these are only some of the most beautiful tour suggestions

From the Auronzo refuge on the south side of the “Three Peaks of Lavaredo” and along path No. 101, passing the Lavaredo refuge (2,344 m) and slightly uphill to the Patern pass (2,454 m). Enjoy the first splendid view of the 500 meter high north faces of the “Three Peaks of Lavaredo” (up to here about 1 hour, recommended also for unexperienced hikers). Slightly descending we walk under the Paternkofel along to the fork: a) slight ascent to the Three Peaks Hut (2,405 m), b) left descending we follow the marker No. 10.  Soon we see trail No. 102 which is coming up from the Rienz valley. On the trail No. 105 (left) slightly uphill we reach the mountain hut “Lange Alpe” and passing the lake “Lange Alpe”, we hike around the “Three Peaks of Lavaredo” on the west side until we reach the Auronzo refuge.

Total walking time: 3 hours          Difference in altitude: 439 m

The “Lutterkopf” is a great view point over the Puster valley and especially the pale peaks and crags of the Dolomites; in the early summer a magnificent alpine rose blossom delights the eye.

Tour itinerary:
From Mudler farm (1584 m; guest house, parking; here road up from Tesido) shortly on the driveway to the road fork, turn left, always following the mark 31, on the forest trail and partly on the abbreviated footpath up through the forest, towards “Brunner” meadows; finally, before reaching the meadows, the forest trail finally leaving on the riser 31 eastward through the steep forest to the tree line and over open ground to the highest point (2,145 m). From “Lutterkopf”, on hiking trial 31 in area of the tree line to a sink in the high plain (about 2150 m), from there going down about 15 minutes to Taistner hut (1992 m). Following marking 38 A to Mudler farm.

Total walking time: 3 ½ hours           Difference in altitude: 651 m

Easy excursion on one of the most beautiful plateaus in South Tyrol, in the middle of the nature park “Fanes-Senes-Prags”. Unique view to “Hohe Gaisl”, “Three Peaks of Lavaredo”, “Trofana” and Cristallo Mountain.

Total walking time: 40 minutes            Difference in altitude: 118 m

Starting from the Furkel Pass (reachable by car) – left side of the street on marking 3 up to the “Three Finger” peak (between Piz da Peres and “Three Finger” notch) – descent to “Hochalpen” lake – Ascent on the north side to “Lapedures” notch (2,252 m) – from here on marking 32 to the hunter refuge and from there back to Furkel Pass.

Total walking time: 4 hours            Difference in altitude: 834 m

The tour begins at the small parking above Oberolang, below the Riedler farms, on the bridge (barriers) over the Brunst creek (1,150 m). Always following the path, soaring in wide turns through the steep forest slope and leads to the hut with great view to the Dolomites of Olang and the Kronplatz.
Way back on the old Brunst track No. 20, which more times allows views to the valley-basin of Olang, the “Vedrette” and the Zillertal Alps. At the beginning crossing the forest slopes, later back to the starting point.

Total walking time: 4 hours            Difference in altitude: 741 m

From Bad Bergfall (1320 m) follow the mark No. 32 to the hunter hut (1900), continue to “Lapedures” notch (2210 m), where you are already surrounded by a spectacular mountain scenery. Going eastwards on the trail No. 6 up to the “Flatschkofel” peak (2416 m). Unique views: Southside close enough to touch much of the eastern Dolomites and in the north the glaciers of the main Alpine ridge. After the rest on the top descend on the south side down to trail 6, following till “Flatschkofelscharte” (2223 m) and north side down to Lanzwiesen hut (1823 m). On road No. 6 B westwards in about 40 minutes you come back to the starting point.

Total walking time: 5 hours               Difference in altitude: 1073 m

First walk through Mitterolang, continue through meadows and forest to Angerer refuge (1,300 m). Slowly rising to Lanzwiesen hut (1,823 m) on trial No. 6. In the summer the hut is open. Return: On the marking No. 6B to Bad Bergfall and then to Olang or on the forest road to Voppichl farm back to Mitterolang (about 1.5 hours). The forest roads are closed for cars.

Total walking time: 4 hours              Difference in altitude: 813 m

From the sport zone in Antholz you take the road to the Egger farms. Turn left and continue walking on the forest road until the beautiful Kumpfler hut.

Total walking time: 1 hour              Difference in altitude: 395 m

The blue-green, romantic Antholzer lake is situated at the end of the Antholzer valley, in the middle of the nature park Rieserferner-Ahrn . A new nature trail leads around the 44-acres and 35 m deep lake (about 1 hour walking), it is the third largest lake in South Tyrol. Numerous refuges invites you to have a break. Furthermore, different hiking tours are starting from the Antholzer lake.

Total walking time: 1 hour                Difference in altitude: 90 m

From St. Magdalena /Gsies (at the end of the valley on 1465 m; big parking and rest stop) at the right side over the valley-creek following the mark 12 always trough Pfoi valley up to the forest line; now straight ahead  to Pfoi refuge (2134 m), continue on a wide road till the road fork, turn right and follow the marking 13 steeply up into the rear “Gsieser Lenke” (2539 m) and beyond down on the trail in a few minutes to the lake (2455 m). A rewarding route for experienced hikers! – Descent: on the ascent.

Total walking time: 4 hours          Difference in altitude: 1074 m

As the name “Almweg 2000” suggests, this route takes you in an average high of around 2000 meters from hut to hut. The round trip is easy for conditioned walkers and very rewarding.

Tour itinerary:
From St. Magdalena /Gsies (end of the valley). Following the mark 48 up on Tscharniet hut (1976 m). Continue on the red pointed trail to Kasermähder hut (2048 m), and through the hillside to Gipfel hut (2104 m). Then to Stumpf refuge (2003 m, serving) and to Kaser hut (2076 m; also refreshments available). Follow the signed trail on the slope descending into the beautiful Pfoi valley, shortly upwards to a bridge and then to the Uwald refuge (2042 m; refreshments). – Descent: From here you go back on a forest trail to the starting point.

Total walking time: 5 hours               Difference in altitude: 892 m

Starting point: Kandellen, a small hamlet in Toblach. After the barrier in Kandellen on a wide path, across the Golfen-creek continuing right until the original path starts on the left side. Passing the recently opened Bonner refuge you come directly to the summit at 2,663 m. Descent along route 25 or passing the Bergalm hut (No. 25a) back to the starting point.

Total walking time: 3 hours                  Difference in altitude: 1062 m


Castle walk at Campo Tures

This short, easy excursion takes you to the Castle of Campo Tures, one of the most powerful and interesting castles in South Tyrol.

Tour itinerary:
Through Campo Tures (878 m) to the castle bridge, turn right at the image of the olive mountain and cross the oldest part of the village and after a left curve up to the castle chapel with its impressive crucified. Continue on the trail up to the still well-preserved Tures Castle. You can also take the road behind the chapel up to the castle (950 m). Recommended descent: From the castle on the plain road eastwards to the castle café and to the Bruggenol farm, where upon a path leads down to the hamlet St. Moritzen and back to the starting point.

Total walking time: 1 hour          Difference in altitude: 108 m

From the shelter Pederü near San Vigilio following the marking No. 7 to the Fanes hut (2,104 m) or Lavarella hut. From the Fanes hut you can ascend to Limo Lake.

Total walking time: 2 ½ hours         Difference in altitude: 700 m