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Hubertus sauna oases

7 saunas in- and outdoor for your total relax
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Relax on 5.000 sq.m. THE ALPENREYCH PARK Find out more

Sauna oases outdoor

Enjoy hours of relaxation in our 4 wellness oases in the Alpenreych Park and let your mind wander to distant.

The Belvita sauna guide, the right behavior in the sauna area >>

Opening hours
From 11.00 to 19.30 o’clock

Blockhousesauna (82 °)

In the Alpenreych Park with outdoor fireplace in nude area. From Monday to Saturday we invite you to take part in our „steam jet“ ritual.

Panoramic Alpine sauna in the mountain hut (92°)

In the Alpenreych Park with its superb panoramic view you can experience the refreshing interaction between hot and cold.

Dolomite steam bath in grotto (42°)

Try this new steam bath experience, unique of its kind!
From Alpenreych Park, you can easily get to our new Dolomite steam bath with 42°. The heat of the steam stimulates the metabolism and reinforces the immune system. Let the warmth caress your body and feel the healthy, regenerating action on body and mind.
Abandon yourself to this exclusive route to relaxation in a paradise for all the senses.

Barrel sauna – textile sauna (75°)

Directly by the outdoor pools we’ve placed a new small textile sauna, with a pleasant temperature of 75°. Enjoy exclusive moments of pleasure and relax for all your senses.

Indoor Vitality centre

Peaceful tranquillity and a relaxing atmosphere will fill you with new energy.

Steam bath (45°)

It is believed that steam as a refined source uncovers your body completely. The agreeable warmth creates a flexible mind.

Herbal sauna (55°)

The interaction between heat and herbs on the skin is very beneficial. The soul warms itself and ladles vitality.

Infrared sauna (35°)

Heat has to do with well-being and health. Infrared radiation is the best way to supply the body heat – disturbing without physical thermoregulation of the skin. It stimulates the metabolism, improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. The heat relaxes the muscles and relieves pain.

Relaxation islands

Island of relax and relaxation oases for your relaxation moments. Guests can relax with pleasant music and take some time for yourself and get your body and soul back into balance