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This is a classical Ayurveda oil massaging procedure, which supports the body while undergoing a cleansing process. It is well suited for the stress orientated illnesses, exhaustion and fatigue.


Duration: ca. 45 minutes                                         57,00 €
              ca. 80 minutes                                         96,00 €

Relaxing Ayurvedic massage of the head, face, neck and cleavage. Clears the mind, removes blocks to energy and bestows new harmony and interior strength.


Duration: ca. 40 minutes 


This is a stimulating massage of the metabolism carried out using raw silk gloves. Promotes the circulation of blood in the muscles, skin and connective tissue, thereby activating a detoxification process. At the end of the massage, an additional application of a healing balm on your skin is provided.


Duration: ca. 50 minutes

(includes the free Garshan gloves of 23,00 €)


A balancing, detoxifying back massages using elements of the Ayurveda methods as a guideline. It supports the cleansing and strengthening of muscles, connective tissues, spinal column and nerves.


Duration: ca. 50 minutes  



Ayurvedic full body scrub massage with a mixture of coarsely ground herbs and high-quality oil. This purifying massage stimulates the metabolism and removes dead skin cells.

Duration: ca. 50 minutes       


Relaxing foot massage with a balancing effect that calms nervousness, stress and sleep problems.

Duration: ca. 25 minutes                                                  42,00 €
              ca. 40 minutes                                                   62,00 €


Man’s harmony with his inner self and the surrounding environment is constantly threatened by everyday stress in all spheres of life. Sound massage is a deep, effective relaxation method that takes away tension and muscular and mental blocks. In this way, it restores the harmony of body, mind and soul and stimulates the self-healing capacity.


Duration: ca. 25 minutes