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Its a classical Ayurveda oil massaging procedure, which supports the body while undergoing a cleansing process. It is well suited for the stress orientated illnesses, exhaustion and fatigue.


Duration: ca. 45 minutes                                         59,00 €
               ca. 80 minutes                                         96,00 €

Relaxing Ayurvedic massage of the head, face, neck and cleavage. Clears the mind, removes blocks and bestows new harmony,  interior strength and energy


Duration: ca. 45 minutes 


A balancing, detoxifying back massages using elements of the Ayurveda methods as a guideline. It supports the cleansing and strengthening of muscles, connective tissues, spinal column and nerves.


Duration: ca. 50 minutes  



Ayurvedic full body scrub massage with a mixture of coarsely ground herbs and high-quality oil. This purifying massage stimulates the metabolism and removes dead skin cells.

Duration: ca. 50 minutes       


Relaxing foot massage with a balancing effect that calms nervousness, stress and sleep problems.

Duration: ca. 25 minutes                                                  42,00 €
                ca. 45 minutes                                                  65,00 €


A free spirit and relaxed body will help you to center yourself. 
Lightly scented, pure chakra oils, energetic techniques, and targeted use of gemstones on your 
energy centers promote deep relaxation. Discover a new, deep sense of well-being. (no manual massage)

Duration: ca. 50 minutes

Man’s harmony with his inner self and the surrounding environment is constantly threatened by everyday stress in all spheres of life. Sound massage is a deep, effective relaxation method that takes away tension and muscular and mental blocks. In this way, it restores the harmony of body, mind and soul and stimulates the self-healing capacity. (no manual massage)

Duration: ca. 25 Minutes           34,00 €
Duration: ca. 50 Minutes           65,00 €