Mountain Silhouette

Classical massages

Alpin · Panorama · Hotel

Tried and true: these massages are individually geared to existing weak points and complaints and are targeted purposefully.

This special ritual with cold mountain crystals and hot volcanic stones is a source of new strength for everyday life. The body draws new energy from the mountain crystals and the warm volcanic stones melt away any tension.

(included a mountain crystal as gift)

Duration: ca. 75 minutes 


It is a beneficial, regenerating massage. The selected substances chosen by you will nurture your body, equalise and consequently your well-being will increase.
o  Sport
o  Revitalizing
o  Skincare


Duration: ca. 50 minutes 

Enjoy a massage with precious oils and hot stamps of aromatic herbs and you will be swept away to magic worlds of marvellous fragrances that promote bodily wellbeing, new strength and renewed vitality.  


Duration: ca. 50 minutes 

The use of natural honey applies strength to the body through massage. The reflex zones on the back stimulate the organ functions. Stored toxins and tension are loosened and the tissue is then toned.


Duration: ca. 50 minutes 

This treatment is used for the elimination of stubborn related stress conditions located in the spinal cord. By deeply warming the tissues the lymphatic system will be reactivated and the entire back will be cleaned.


o  1 treatment             ca. 50 minutes             67,00 €
o  3 treatments            ca. 50 minutes each    160,00 €

Carried out according to your individual requirements.


o  Full body massage            ca. 50 minutes                                    67,00 €
o  Back massage                  ca. 25 minutes                                    37,00 €
o  Shoulder and neck            ca. 20 minutes                                    35,00 €

This combination of pine and arnica oil, reflexology stimulation and the techniques of revitalising massages melts away all tension and takes away muscular pains.

Finally, we refresh your legs with a beneficial leg gel.


o  Legs                                   ca. 25 minutes                                    39,00 €
o  Legs and back                     ca. 40 minutes                                    57,00 €

The scalp is manipulated to a relaxed condition and the facial muscles radiate a refreshing vibrancy.


Duration: ca. 25 minutes

This unique treatment method with a extraordinary massage and precisely effective plant extracts smoothly releases tensions in the head, neck and shoulder area. Deep contact and a modulated individual treatment technique ensure a pleasant relaxation and a switch off from the stress of everyday life. The microcirculation is stimulated, vessels, sense organs and nerves are strengthened.

Duration: ca. 50 minutes

The reflex areas of the foot will be stimulated in order to regenerate and revitalise the body.


Duration: ca. 40 minutes

Belvita have developed this unique wellbeing treatment for you. All products used for this ritual originate in South Tyrol. A real health elixir – from the Alpine source directly to the skin. The medicinal and healthy effect of the treatment combines the power of nature, the natural healing effect of plant extracts and the comfortable touch of professional hands.

o    Relaxing footbath
o    Stimulating hand and arm massage
o    Revitalizing foot peeling
o    Invigorating body massage
o    Face and décolleté massage
o    Moisturizing body package



Duration: ca. 50 minutes