Mountain Silhouette

Daily menu

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Salted butter and a choice of bread


Fresh salads and fine vegetables from the buffet


Poussin breast with barbecue sauce, sweet peppers and potatoes Gaufrette
Vegetarian sushi (radish, cucumber, pumpkin)


Potato cabbage soup with bacon and rye flower – caraway cracker
Drink of yogurt and mint from our garden with fruit skewer


Strigoli noodles with cannellini - and green beans, basil pesto
creamy cheese and sun-dried tomatoes “pralin”
Cannellone stuffed with braised venison shoulder, mountain pine sauce and wild berries 


Pink roasted veal loin, chanterelle sauce, potato gratin and market vegetables
Swordfish steak gratinated with citrus bread and fruity vegetable stew
Dumplings from Trentingrana cheese with asparagus


...and for a sweet finish:
Raspberries and "Bourbon" vanilla served in a glass


Various international and South Tyrolean cheeses with fine mustards from the buffet


Fresh fruits basket



Wine recommendation

Aperitif of the day

Negroni White
Bombay Sapphire, Martini white, aromatic bitters, San Bitter White
9,00 €



White wine

Cuvée Flora Ris. Girlan (CH/PB/SB) *2017
0,75 lt. - 36,00 €


Vermentino La Cala Reale Sella & Mosca BIO *2017
0,75 lt. - 28,00 €



Red wine

Belleus Messnerhof (CS/M/SR/PV/TEMP) *2016
0,75 lt. – 38,00 €


Il Pino di Biserno Tenuta di Biserno (CS/M/SR) *2017
0,75 lt. – 56,00 €



for dessert

Rosenmuskateller Stockhammer 0.375 l St. Michael Eppan *2016
0,05 lt. - 6,50 €


Please contact your waiter if you require any information regarding allergies or intolerances