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770 hp – TESLA Model S

Tesla rental South Tyrol

In the summer drive around the most beautiful tours in the Dolomites – South Tyrol… MISSION ZERO-EMISSION!
Porsche, Ferrari & Co. Is there something better than to discover the most beautiful tours in the Dolomites driving such a sports car?
We won’t deny this opportunity to our guests, neither pollute more the environment and mountain streets with these sports cars.


To keep up with the times, in Summer we offer a new transport experience, without compromises and with a better performance.
770 hp, in 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, 350 km distance, 17-inch touch-display, panoramic sunroof, green and renewable energy from South Tyrol. Test the transportation means of the future with the safest and fastest electric car in the market and drive in the middle of the most wonderful Dolomites landscape.
Try the TESLA Model S along one of our predefined and pretested tours or wherever you prefer.


Book your Tesla direct and easily at our reception (minimum age 26 years and driving license valid from a minimum of 3 years).



E-Mobility Charging

Charging stations for electric cars

In our hotel the future is welcome! To fulfil the requirements of the e-mobility, our guests find for free at their disposal the following charging stations:


In the garage:
1 x Tesla destination charger, 22 KW
1 x universal charger, 22 KW

In the covered parking place:
3 x e-mobility charging stations, 22 KW